Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Titans Mock Draft Pre-Combine - Rounds 5 - 7

Round 5, Pick 135

At 6'4" and 242, Kiko Alonso is my favorite linebacker in this draft. A versatile defender, he will help bolster a position of strength on the Titans that clearly needs better depth at the position.I like him so much I might take him earlier, but if he is still here he is a lock to be my pick.

Kiko Alonso Draft Profile

 Alternative Pick:

The Titans need another running back to compliment Chris Johnson, and Christine Michael has the speed and power I want to see in a running back. Michael impressed with his athleticism during the Shrine Game and went immediately on my radar.

Christine Michael Draft Profile

****The Titans currently do not have a 6th round pick, having traded it to draft Scott Solomon in the 2012 draft.******


Frankly, I don't expect Joseph Randall to be here in the 7th and if I gain a 6th round pick he would be on my radar (assuming I haven't already filled this spot earlier.)

Joseph Randall Draft Profile


A bit undersized at 6' 2" and 230, I love how Zavier Gooden plays bigger than his size. He caught my eye when I was scouting Sheldon Richardson, and if I get a chance to draft this guy I will gladly do so as I think he will add much needed depth at the outside linebacker position.

Zavier Gooden Draft Profile


D.C. Jefferson has been pegged as simply a blocking tight end but that is a misconception. At 6' 6" and 258, Jefferson has the ability to make moves in the passing game when given the chance. He simply didn't get a lot of opportunity to do so while at Rutgers.

D.C. Jefferson Draft Profile

Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Titans Mock Draft - PreCombine Rounds 1 - 4

Here you go Titans fans. As promised, my first full mock draft of the 2013 offseason, 7 rounds of Titans draft prognostication. Acting as the Titans GM, I pick your new 2013 Tennessee Titans. Let me know what you think!

Round 1, Pick #10

With my first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, I choose to shore up a position of need as well as pick one of the best offensive linemen in the 2013 draft. At 6' and 3" and 320 pounds, Alabama OG Warmack helped anchor one of the best offensive lines in college football during the 2012 college football season.

Warmack earned playing time as a true freshman and assumed the starting role the next season. He played left guard his entire career and helped lead the Crimson Tide's rushing attack and helping them win 3 college football National Championships. 

Chance Warmack Draft Profile

Alternative Pick:

 At 6' 4" and 295, Missouri Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson fits exactly what the Titans have traditionally liked to do and with former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams assisting the defense again, this pick may be even more likely than ever before. A 3 tech DT, Sheldon is an explosive guy who can shed off blockers and wreak havoc in the backfield  he is exactly what the Titans need to fix their defensive woes.

Sheldon Richardson Draft Profile

NOTE: My draft philosophy is to scout players I think will fit the system and not necessarily focus on what the draft experts think or where most people think a player will get drafted. If a guy is the best player on your board and fits what you do you take him when you get the chance.

Round 2, Pick 40

I will gladly snag offensive lineman Barrett Jones with my second pick of the 2013 draft and be thrilled this special player fell to me. A Bruce Matthews clone, Jones has played, and excelled at, every single position on the offensive line. I know my offensive line has suffered the loss of the veteran leadership, and All Pro skills, that it lost when the Titans opted to let Kevin Mawae walk. Jones is not only a good player but he is exactly what the offensive line needs at its center position.

The Titans haven't drafted two starting offensive linemen since the 2005 draft when we drafted our two bookend tackles. We took Michael Roos in the 2nd round, and Dave "Big Country" Stewart in the 4th round. Now its time to add two more marque players and 1st round pick Chance Warmack and Jones fit the bill. At 6' 5" and 302, Jones and fellow Tide draftee Warmack led a rushing attack that allowed Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon to both eclipse 1000 yards in the 2012 season. Collectively, the Tide rushed for 3185 yards.

Barrett Jones Draft Profile

Bonus links:

Bruce Matthews Player Profile

Kevin Mawae Player Profile 

Alternative Pick:

At 6'4" and 260, Montgomery is an all down defensive end who can power his way into the backfield. A fairly polished player, he lies more on strength than speed and with the proper coaching could play both strongside defensive end and weakside.

Sam Montgomery Draft Profile 

Round 3, Pick 70

With the 70th pick in the draft, I now turn my attention to another area that needs addressing and pick former Georgia Bulldog strongside safety Shawn Williams. At 6'1" and 220 pounds, Williams has the speed, physicality and tackling ability I want to see from my secondary players.

Shawn Williams Draft Profile

Alternative Pick:


If he is there I gladly snag Tank Carradine at this spot, assuming I haven't already taken Montgomery, and know that I have added an impact player on the defensive line. A bit raw, but Carradine could easily work his way into the rotation early on.

Cornelius "Tank" Carradine Draft Profile 

Round 4, Pick 104

Marcus Lattimore is a steal here and while I draft him here if he is ready to play in the 2013 season. Lattimore is exactly the running back I think can compliment Chris Johnson and improve the Titans running game. Durability is an issue but I will have him checked out thoroughly and if he passes medical testing he will be an impact player on the offense.

Marcus Lattimore Draft Profile


At 6'3" and 320, Sylvester Williams is a perfect defensive tackle for the 4-3 system the Titans run. Issues regarding his technique and conditioning allow him to drop to later rounds where the Titans jump on the opportunity to add this potential game changer.

Sylvester Williams Draft Profile

There you have it my draft selections for rounds 1 through 4. What are your thoughts? Who would you pick and why?