Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vol Commits in All American Games

Under Armour All-America Game

January 2nd, 4 PM EST ESPN

LB Dillon Bates
K Aaron Medley

Offense-Defense All-American Bowl

January 3rd, 5 PM EST ESPN3

DL Derek Barnett
TE Daniel Helm
S Cortez McDowell
OG Charles Mosley
CB Emmanuel Moseley
DL Cory Thomas
WR Vic Wharton

U.S. Army All-American Bowl

January 4th, 1 PM EST, NBC

RB Jalen Hurd
S Todd Kelly
LB Kevin Mouhon
WR Josh Malone

Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl

January 5th, 9 PM EST, Fox Sports 1

OL Orlando Brown
CB/S Rashaan Gaulden
DE Dewayne Hendrix

* Tennessee targets OL Benjamin Knox, RB Derrell Scott

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vandy Visitors

Another home game and yet another important date for recruiting. We have one of our commits who has been to multiple games finally taking his official to Tennessee, several targets officially visiting, and the usual faces of committed recruits taking this one in. Also a '17 recruit with an offer to both Tennessee and Vanderbilt will be in attendence as the Vols take on the Dores.

I will update this list throughout the week as more names are inevitably added.


  • Charles Mosley
  • Alex Bookser
  • Jakob Johnson
  • Dejon Brown
  • Owen Williams
  • Johnnie Dixon
  • Clint Stephens
  • Jalen Hurd (commit)
  • Calvin Heurtelou

Unofficial visits '14

  • Ethan Wolf (commit)
  • Todd Kelly Jr. (commit)
  • Vic Wharton (commit)
  • Chris Weatherd (commit)
  • Dontavius Blair (commit)
  • DaVonte Lambert (commit)
  • Daniel Helm (commit)
  • De'Andre Payne (commit)
  • Treyvon Paulk (commit)
  • DJ Smith
  • Dillon Bates (commit)
  • Evan Berry (commit)
  • Elliot Berry (commit)

Unofficial visits '15

  • Josh Smith
  • Kyle Phillips
  • Cameron Ordway
  • Andrew Butcher (commit)
  • Dylan Jackson
  • Kobe Marfo
  • Lorenzo Nunez
  • CJ Sanders
  • Jack Jones (commit)
  • Zach Stewart (commit)
  • Jaylond Woods (commit)

Unofficial Visits '16
  • Josh White
  • Jarett Guarantano
  • Tommy Kraemer

Unofficial Visits '17

  • Maleik Gray

Early Enrollees and FFAs

This is just to keep track of everyone we have coming in December/Early January and those who have or have not signed Financial Aid Agreements. Remember, these guarantee recruits a scholarship come time to enroll and allow for unlimited face-to-face and other forms of contact but do not bind a recruit to a certain school.

These can be signed with multiple schools but only by someone deemed to be on track to enroll early. I will update this list as needed.
  • Lavon Pearson - Signed LOI
  • Jalen Hurd - Signed FAA
  • Daniel Helm - Signed FFA
  • Ethan Wolf - Signed FFA
  • D'Andre Payne
  • Coleman Thomas - Signed FFA
  • Emmanuel Moseley - Signed FFA
  • Neiko Creamer
  • Demarya Mixon
  • Ray Raulerson - Signed FFA
  • Dontavius Blair - Signed LOI
  • Jakob Johnson - Signed FFA
  • Owen Williams - Signed LOI
  • Joe Henderson
  • Josh Malone - Signed FAA

Friday, October 4, 2013

UGA Visitors

As we've thought all season Tennessee decided to break with tradition for a change and is breaking out the Smoky Grays for what is maybe the biggest weekend of the year in regards to recruiting. Many uncommitted prospects will be in Knoxville for the weekend some on officials some unofficially visiting. The largest group of prospects on campus will be the group of uncommitted 2015 prospects with some real gems showing up who Tennessee would love to get ahead on early. I'll break them down into groups below.

2014 Official visitors

RB Derrell Scott
WR Travis Rudolph
WR Josh Malone
LB Clifton Garrett
WR Braxton Berrios
DE Dewayne Hendrix
LB Dillon Bates (commit)
CB Emanuel Moseley (commit)

2014 Commits visiting unofficially

S Cortez McDowell
WR Vic Wharton
OL Coleman Thomas
CB De'Andre Payne
WR Dominique Booth
RB Jalen Hurd
S Rashaan Gaulden
DE Joe Henderson
S Todd Kelly

Uncommitted 2014 prospects visiting unofficially

CB DJ Smith
S Emanuel Smith

All 2015 visits are unofficial.

2015 Commits

WR Preston Williams
DE Andrew Butcher
OL Jack Jones
OL Zach Stewart
ATH Jayond Woods

Uncommitted 2015 prospects

OT Drew Richmond
DB Montrell Custis
OL Chuma Edoga
RB Taj Griffin
LB Josh Smith
DE Kyle Phillips
DT Shy Tuttle
CB Kaleb Chalmers
DE Dylan Jackson
OLB Roquan Smith
OLB Anree Saint-Amour
ILB Brandt Mitchell
ILB Keaton Anderson
QB Blake Barnett
CB Cam Ordway
ATH Maleik Gatewood

Friday, June 7, 2013

Early Summer Visits

School is out for most of the recruits we are pursuing for the 2014 and future classes which means visits are on. Many recruits are setting up unofficial visits to their list of favorites to get a better feel for who is pursuing them.

We have several prospects coming in this weekend including OL Brock Ruble and JUCO RB Akeem Judd today.

On Saturday we are getting a visit from DE Andrew Butcher who is more than likely your next commit for the 2015 class. It really is impressive how Butch is setting up not only this class but next year's as well.

On Tuesday we will get visits from the following:

  • OT Nick Richardson
  • S CJ Hampton (Ole Miss commit)
  • DT Trenton Thompson (2015)
Next weekend is setting up to be huge. We will have 13 out of our 15 commits on campus which is huge for a number of reasons: more familiarity with the program, a chance to get to know better your fellow commits, and a chance to help in the recruiting efforts with a number of prospects who will be here as well.

On the 14th besides the current commits the following are scheduled to be in town:

The 21st will be busy too with the following expected to be here:

That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Locker Up - How Good Does the Titans Quarterback Need To Be in 2013?

Much of the Titans offseason talk has included discussion of third year quarterback Jake Locker, his "accuracy issue" and whether Ryan Fitzpatrick could push him for a starting job. In my "hot seat" list I did include Locker for reasons that are readily apparent in the article. Clearly Locker has to improve on his 2012 season. Having said that, I do believe there is potential for expectations to be too high for Locker. Why do you ask? Let me explain.

Locker was drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft and played sparingly his first season. With limited snaps however, he looked good.

I think we often forget how good Locker looked that year and how excited everyone was about what they saw in his performance. Sadly, his performance in 2012 was marred by injury, not only to himself but on the offensive line. Add to that inconsistency in the running game and some inexcusable drops from his receivers and his 2012 looks bad.

Two things in particular concern me about Locker's 2012 and neither really have to do with "accuracy" per se. One, he had 11 batted passes and that didn't appear to be an issue in 2011 (he had 2). His release point does seem a little low and how much of that was attributed to guarding and his left shoulder injury is a question mark for me. Regardless, that is an area he must work on.


Locker took 5 sacks in his rookie campaign out of 76 dropbacks. In 2012 he took 25 sacks out of 370 dropbacks. His most significant injury occurred when he was sacked by Glover Quin. Of course, this isn't all Locker's fault. Chris Johnson needs to block better for one. I also think former offensive coordinator Chris Palmers' system contributed. Still, Locker has to recognize pressure better and operate to protect himself and the football. He also fumbled the football 4 times (all of them lost) in 2012 usually at inopportune times (is there ever an opportune time?).

All of this leads to the question of how good Locker needs to be in 2013 to satisfy the coaching staff and owner Bud Adams. Really what the fans think isn't that important. They say winning cures all and certainly winning more games in 2013 will help. Here is where I think the Titans would like to see improvement in 2013.


The Titans time of possession stats in 2012 were beyond atrocious. I wrote about it extensively in my game blogs if you are interested. While not all a product of the passing game that certainly contributed and this is a stat I believe without a shadow of a doubt the Titans want to see improved.


The Titans ranked 22nd in the NFL in red zone scoring percentage based on touchdowns only. This is down significantly from 2011 and it is beyond embarrassing that they ranked only 25% efficiency in the red zone at LP Field. Not coincidentally, they also finished in the bottom half of the league in scoring points at 23.


I labeled this efficiency and not accuracy with good reason. I have said time and again I think the accuracy issue is overblown. I think the Titans would far prefer to see less sacks, less batted passes and more production than they care about whether Locker throws a pretty pass. The first I have alluded to but one more stat I find discouraging from Locker's 2012 season is that his yards per attempt fell dramatically. Of course, the 2011 season is a small sample size and 6.9 isn't terrible. Locker ranked 18th amongst starting NFL quarterbacks in yards per pass thrown but dang if that 8.2 from 2011 isn't enticing. The Titans passing game ranked 22nd in the NFL in passing yards per game.


Obviously this is a catchall phrase and area but really if the Titans score points and win games isn't the goal accomplished? The Titans in 2012 finished in the lower half of the NFL in points, passing yards, rushing yards and total offensive yards. Per Football Outsiders, the Titans offense was ranked 29th in the league in offensive efficiency. Offensive production doesn't occur in a vacuum and in order to have a successful one the Titans must operate on all cylinders. Of course he was injured, but I expect the Titans to make better use of Locker's ability to operate out of the pocket and make plays in 2013 whether passing or running.

What are your expectations for Jake Locker in 2013?


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 16th Junior Day Visitors

Jalen Hurd, Beech High School
Can you smell that? That's spring right around the corner which means one thing to the Volunteer faithful: our last "fix" of football until the fall.

It also brings on curiosity seekers and onlookers in the form of former Vol Lettermen and recruits anxious to see what the new-look Vol offense and defense is actually going to look like -- or to get a better idea at the very least. Much of the meat of the O & D will not be on display until Fall and likely not during practices and scrimmages open to the media and fans.

I've compiled a list of visitors who will be here for Tennessee's third Junior Day of the year this Saturday which coincides nicely with the first official scrimmage. Keep in mind, not everyone on this list will make it in -- that's almost always the case -- and there will be perhaps dozens not listed who will end up showing. With that in mind here is who will be in Knoxville. I will try and update this list as new names are added.

  • CB D'Andre Payne
  • JUCO OL Dontavius Blair
  • WR DeMarre Kitt
  • S Nick Glass
  • S Cortez McDowell
  • S Emmanuel Smith
  • LB Josh Smith (2015)
  • DT Matt Elam
  • LB Keeyan James
  • RB Jalen Hurd
  • S Rashaan Gaulden
  • LB Bryson Allen-Williams
  • RB Sedrick Palmer
  • DE Andrew Williams
  • RB Daryl Rollins
  • QB Penny Smith
  • RB Michael Lockhart
  • WR Miles Autry
  • DT Mike Sawyers
  • CB Rico McGraw (2015)
  • WR Kenton Baker
  • DE Lorenzo Carter*
  • OL Drew Richmond (2015)
  • RB D'Andre Ferby
  • LB Petera Wilson*
  • WR/DT QB Terry Googer
  • WR Rashad Canty
  • WR Josh Malone
  • DT Chris Williams
  • QB David Cornwell
  • LB Cornelius Watson (2015)
  • WR Emanuel Beal
  • DE Andrew Butcher (2015)
  • OT Orlando Brown
  • OT Steven Moss
  • OL Alex Bars
  • RB Racean Thomas
* denotes uncertainty

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Thoughts on the Jake Locker Accuracy Tour

The Jake Locker "Accuracy Tour" is in full swing and I was going to sit it out, or at least watch from the bleachers, but I elected to join the party. That's me I'm just a a social butterfly that way. I wrote extensively about Locker, his injury and his performance last season and analyzed individual games if you are interested. You can find them on this blog. I concluded that the Titans did Locker a disservice by electing to keep him on the active roster and  the "Accuracy Tour" just reinforces that opinion.

Much was made of Locker's accuracy coming out of college and there is some foundation for it certainly. He struggled his last year at Washington behind a putrid offensive line and the results were fairly predictable. Sound familiar Titans fans? The Titans drafted Locker at the overall 8th pick in the 2011 draft, and he is now heading into his third year in the league.

What many forget is how electric and exciting Locker was to watch when he debuted in 2011. He didn't get a lot of playing time but made the most of it leaving everyone to think big days were ahead for him. After a much heralded quarterback competition between him and Matt Hasselbeck, he was positioned to enter 2012 with high hopes.

Locker actually looked pretty good his first 3 games before suffering the most severe injury to his left, non throwing, shoulder against Houston in game 4. Against New England, where he initially injured the shoulder, he was 23 of 32 for 229 yards, a completion percentage (Hi!) of 71.9, a QBA of 89.2, 1 TD, 1 INT, a bad lost fumble, and 2 sacks. He rushed for 11 yards on 2 attempts (5.5 avg).

In game 2 against San Diego he wasn't as good going 15 of 30 for 174 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 0 sacks, and 0 fumbles. He rushed 2 times for 21 yards (10.5 avg). Game 3 against Detroit was perhaps his best game of the year where he was 29 of 42 for 378 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 0 sacks and 1 fumble lost. He rushed 4 times for 35 yards (8.8 avg).

After getting hurt at the beginning of Game 4, he missed the next 5 games and it was widely reported his left shoulder injury would require surgery after the season. He suffered a dislocation and his shoulder continued to pop in and out during the course of the season. I invite you to peruse my game blogs where I talk extensively about his guarding issues and how it affected his play.

In any event, his play after returning from injury was sporadic at best. Much is made of the inability of the Titans to score early on when he was the quarterback but those issues continued even after Hasselbeck assumed the helm. The Titans offense was offensive for many reasons: offensive line issues and injuries, a lackluster and then spotty running game, the disappearance of Kenny Britt in games, the "Palmer issue" amongst others. On top of that the emergence of young quarterbacks like RGIII, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck made Locker's struggles look even worse.

I also wrote and I believe this more than ever that it would be unfair to judge Locker on the 2012 season because of the injury and the other issues facing the offense. The "Accuracy Tour" was as predictable as it is maddening and the Titans are completely to blame for it.

I know hindsight is 20/20 but they did Locker a disservice by keeping him active after it was patently obvious he was struggling. The "Accuracy Tour" is a direct result of their decision to keep playing him instead of shutting him down and putting Hasselbeck back in charge.

Speaking of hindsight, I think in time people will look back on the Titans 2012 and 2013 seasons as the years where decisions were made because people were concerned about losing their jobs. Time will tell whether those decisions worked out. For Locker, it means 2013 is a big year for him.

You can find Locker's full stats here:  Locker NFL stats

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Titans Agree on a 2 year deal with Rob Bironas

Today, the Titans agreed on a 2 year deal for kicker Rob Bironas. Jim Wyatt reports the deal worth roughly 6.7 million. I asked Wyatt if he had contract details but heard no response. The Titans have not released any contract details.

I have repeatedly wrote that I thought the Titans should tag Bironas but it appeared the emphasis was on Jared Cook instead. When the Titans elected not to wage a battle over whether the franchise tag definition for Cook would be at wide receiver or tight end, I looked for them to tag Bironas. They didn't.

The franchise tag for place kickers was set at 2,977,000.00 while the transition tag was set at 2,700,000.00. I got my tag numbers from this excellent article NFL Franchise Tag 2013. Rob Bironas is 35 years old and while kickers generally have a longer shelf life it has been reported the Titans were considering a kicker in the draft. A backup plan is certainly not a bad option. Given the numbers involved, on the surface it appears the franchise tag would have been the wiser move.

UPDATE: According to Tom Gower the tag would have been the greater of the two franchise tags, or 120 percent of the player's salary, which would be $4.4 million. You can find Tom Gower's blog on that topic here Total Titans Franchise Tag Analysis.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Titans Mock Draft Pre-Combine - Rounds 5 - 7

Round 5, Pick 135

At 6'4" and 242, Kiko Alonso is my favorite linebacker in this draft. A versatile defender, he will help bolster a position of strength on the Titans that clearly needs better depth at the position.I like him so much I might take him earlier, but if he is still here he is a lock to be my pick.

Kiko Alonso Draft Profile

 Alternative Pick:

The Titans need another running back to compliment Chris Johnson, and Christine Michael has the speed and power I want to see in a running back. Michael impressed with his athleticism during the Shrine Game and went immediately on my radar.

Christine Michael Draft Profile

****The Titans currently do not have a 6th round pick, having traded it to draft Scott Solomon in the 2012 draft.******


Frankly, I don't expect Joseph Randall to be here in the 7th and if I gain a 6th round pick he would be on my radar (assuming I haven't already filled this spot earlier.)

Joseph Randall Draft Profile


A bit undersized at 6' 2" and 230, I love how Zavier Gooden plays bigger than his size. He caught my eye when I was scouting Sheldon Richardson, and if I get a chance to draft this guy I will gladly do so as I think he will add much needed depth at the outside linebacker position.

Zavier Gooden Draft Profile


D.C. Jefferson has been pegged as simply a blocking tight end but that is a misconception. At 6' 6" and 258, Jefferson has the ability to make moves in the passing game when given the chance. He simply didn't get a lot of opportunity to do so while at Rutgers.

D.C. Jefferson Draft Profile

Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Titans Mock Draft - PreCombine Rounds 1 - 4

Here you go Titans fans. As promised, my first full mock draft of the 2013 offseason, 7 rounds of Titans draft prognostication. Acting as the Titans GM, I pick your new 2013 Tennessee Titans. Let me know what you think!

Round 1, Pick #10

With my first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, I choose to shore up a position of need as well as pick one of the best offensive linemen in the 2013 draft. At 6' and 3" and 320 pounds, Alabama OG Warmack helped anchor one of the best offensive lines in college football during the 2012 college football season.

Warmack earned playing time as a true freshman and assumed the starting role the next season. He played left guard his entire career and helped lead the Crimson Tide's rushing attack and helping them win 3 college football National Championships. 

Chance Warmack Draft Profile

Alternative Pick:

 At 6' 4" and 295, Missouri Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson fits exactly what the Titans have traditionally liked to do and with former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams assisting the defense again, this pick may be even more likely than ever before. A 3 tech DT, Sheldon is an explosive guy who can shed off blockers and wreak havoc in the backfield  he is exactly what the Titans need to fix their defensive woes.

Sheldon Richardson Draft Profile

NOTE: My draft philosophy is to scout players I think will fit the system and not necessarily focus on what the draft experts think or where most people think a player will get drafted. If a guy is the best player on your board and fits what you do you take him when you get the chance.

Round 2, Pick 40

I will gladly snag offensive lineman Barrett Jones with my second pick of the 2013 draft and be thrilled this special player fell to me. A Bruce Matthews clone, Jones has played, and excelled at, every single position on the offensive line. I know my offensive line has suffered the loss of the veteran leadership, and All Pro skills, that it lost when the Titans opted to let Kevin Mawae walk. Jones is not only a good player but he is exactly what the offensive line needs at its center position.

The Titans haven't drafted two starting offensive linemen since the 2005 draft when we drafted our two bookend tackles. We took Michael Roos in the 2nd round, and Dave "Big Country" Stewart in the 4th round. Now its time to add two more marque players and 1st round pick Chance Warmack and Jones fit the bill. At 6' 5" and 302, Jones and fellow Tide draftee Warmack led a rushing attack that allowed Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon to both eclipse 1000 yards in the 2012 season. Collectively, the Tide rushed for 3185 yards.

Barrett Jones Draft Profile

Bonus links:

Bruce Matthews Player Profile

Kevin Mawae Player Profile 

Alternative Pick:

At 6'4" and 260, Montgomery is an all down defensive end who can power his way into the backfield. A fairly polished player, he lies more on strength than speed and with the proper coaching could play both strongside defensive end and weakside.

Sam Montgomery Draft Profile 

Round 3, Pick 70

With the 70th pick in the draft, I now turn my attention to another area that needs addressing and pick former Georgia Bulldog strongside safety Shawn Williams. At 6'1" and 220 pounds, Williams has the speed, physicality and tackling ability I want to see from my secondary players.

Shawn Williams Draft Profile

Alternative Pick:


If he is there I gladly snag Tank Carradine at this spot, assuming I haven't already taken Montgomery, and know that I have added an impact player on the defensive line. A bit raw, but Carradine could easily work his way into the rotation early on.

Cornelius "Tank" Carradine Draft Profile 

Round 4, Pick 104

Marcus Lattimore is a steal here and while I draft him here if he is ready to play in the 2013 season. Lattimore is exactly the running back I think can compliment Chris Johnson and improve the Titans running game. Durability is an issue but I will have him checked out thoroughly and if he passes medical testing he will be an impact player on the offense.

Marcus Lattimore Draft Profile


At 6'3" and 320, Sylvester Williams is a perfect defensive tackle for the 4-3 system the Titans run. Issues regarding his technique and conditioning allow him to drop to later rounds where the Titans jump on the opportunity to add this potential game changer.

Sylvester Williams Draft Profile

There you have it my draft selections for rounds 1 through 4. What are your thoughts? Who would you pick and why?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Which Titan on Defense Will Step Up and Lead?

I addressed which Titan would step up on offense here Which Titan Will Step Up on Offense?. Now lets talk about which Titan will step up on defense. In my opinion, there are more likely candidates on this side of the ball than on offense. I'm not sure what that says about the Titans defense of 2012. Draw your own conclusions. I didn't really see anyone step up, in any major way at least, on the defensive side of the ball. So who are my prime choices? Here they are in alphabetical order.

Linebacker Akeem Ayers has really had two solid seasons since the Titans drafted him in the second round in 2011. Ayers has led the team in tackles since his rookie year, playing primarily at the linebacker position. A versatile young player, he can also line up as a pass rusher, and has 8 career sacks. He is an engaging guy with a great personality and seems a natural choice to be a leader on defense.
Rookie linebacker Zach Brown had an outstanding rookie campaign for the Titans. He was third on the team in tackles with 93 and added 5.5 sacks to boot. All this despite playing in limited packages until assuming the starting role in week 8. Need more evidence the rookie is poised to be a leader on this defense? Watch the last game of the season when he had a very serious coming out party. The team was lethargic and lifeless until Brown intercepted a Chad Henne pass late in the second quarter and returned it 79 yards for a pick six.

Jason McCourty is a guy I think the Titans need to step up especially in the defensive backfield. The Titans have sorely missed Chris Hope's leadership in that group, and while safety Michael Griffin has greatly improved in the leadership category, he has not proven to be the leader the Titans need in the secondary. McCourty had a very nice 2012 season and is poised in my opinion to be a really good cornerback in the National Football League. Can he step up and be a leader in the secondary? That is my only question about him.
Defensive end Derrick Morgan has finally recovered from the ACL injury he suffered in his rookie season in 2010. The 3rd year player had a very good 2012 season, leading the team in sacks with 6.5. Morgan carries a quiet confidence onto the field, doesn't talk much and came across as a guy who prefers to let his play speak on the field. Is Morgan capable of taking that demeanor and translating it into an effective leadership amongst his peers? I think he can.
Fellow defensive end Kamerion Wimbley is another good candidate to be a leader on the Titans defense. The Titans added the 7 year veteran in the 2011 offseason. Like Morgan, Wimbley projects a quiet business like confidence. Not to take anything away from any of the other defensive players, but Wimbley has a motor that never quits and while it took a while to adjust to his new role in the Titans defense, he finished the season with 6 sacks. He brings it every play and has exactly the kind of attitude this Titans defense needs.

Honorable Mentions:

I already mentioned Michael Griff and I would also add Jordan Babineaux to the list of possible candidates. Obviously, the problem is that safety was the weakest position on the Titans defense last season and neither guy is assured of a role in 2013. Still, both guys have shown leadership qualities.Sen'Derrick Marks is also a guy I think could step up and bring leadership qualities to the team. Unfortunately, he is a free agent and it is unclear whether he will return to the Titans in 2013.


I didn't put Colin McCarthy on this list simply because he has already been a leader on the defense. Unfortunately, his injuries have prevented him from being on the field and that void showed in the Titans defense last season.

Which Titan on Offense Will Step Up and Lead?

The Titans lack leadership and direction. This is hardly a surprise to anyone who follows the team or pays any attention to the NFL. Is this coaching? Is it personnel? Both? Yeah, I think I will have to go a bit with both. In my opinion it's pretty clear leadership on the field needs to be better. Who are the likely candidates? Let's take a look.

On offense, the clear choice has to be Jake Locker. Am I right? The starting quarterback is generally a leader, if not THE leader, on offense and Locker has already shown he has those attributes. The Titans are hopeful he will stay healthy in 2013 and if he can he should be the clear leader on offense.

Are there any other candidates? I think so.

Nate Washington has proven he can be a dependable veteran and go to guy for the Titans. Was he a leader last year? I think its debatable. Can he be a better leader? I think without question he can be a better leader both on the field and in the locker room. I would like to see him be more vocal with the young receivers.
This may seem an unlikely choice because offensive lineman AND he is super quiet. I am not of the opinion you have to be a loudmouth to be a leader. Roos is the best offensive lineman on the Titans roster and one of the best left tackles in the game. He comes across as intelligent and his knowledge of the game particularly the offensive aspect is unquestionable.
This might seem another unlikely candidate since it is rare you would find a backup player, much less the backup quarterback, a leader on the team. Hasselbeck can pull this off. His accomplishments in the game speak volumes and he has a proven track record as a leader. Finally, Hasselbeck is a smart guy who is not afraid to voice his opinions. He has embraced whatever role the Titans have asked of him and been all class about it.

Honorable Mentions:

The Titans offensive line was in disarray in 2012 but Fernando Velasco was a bright spot. Unfortunately,  he is a free agent and there has been no information on whether the Titans will bring him back. Rookie wide receiver Kendall Wright was also a bright spot and is also a likely candidate to be a leader on offense.

Those are my choices. What say you? Who would you choose and why?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Manti Te'o - The Michigan Pep Rally in Gifs

Someone tweeted a link from Darren Rovell into my timeline, and I couldn't resist giffing this Michigan Pep Rally he was talking about. Pay close attention to the guy standing on the right side, in front, beside Brian Kelly. In fact, all the expressions on the guys faces are pretty hysterical. Classic.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kenny Britt - Here's Your Sign

As you probably know by now, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt is once again in the crosshairs of a police investigation. The facts remain sketchy but what remains clear is that Britt is once again wanted for questioning in a police investigation originating in New Jersey in the wake of a stabbing that led Britt to drop the currently unidentified person off at the hospital. Add a shooting and possible other side issues and the issue appears as seedy as it sounds.

Britt's lengthy troubles in Jersey are well known, and well documented but you won't find them here. Mostly because I don't care to look back at the litany of issues he has brought to the Titans and I don't feel compelled to be ticked off at the moment. If you feel compelled to do so, I would suggest checking www.ProFootballTalk.com or www.Tennessean.com where I am certain you can find them. Just knowing about this one is enough to bring me to this conclusion. Enough is enough.

As frustrating as it seems, this might just be a blessing in disguise for the Titans. Britt clearly has nothing between his ears and I don't see that changing any time soon. His talent has been enough to make the Titans overlook the laundry list of incidents where involving late nights, sirens, police, and uber stupidity. This latest incident might be the nail in the coffin of this incredible waste of god given talent.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Significant 2013 NFL Dates


January 5-6

January 6

Wild Card Playoffs

Assistant coaches under contract to playoff clubs that have byes in the Wild Card weekend may

be interviewed for head coaching positions through the conclusion of the Wild Card games.

January 12-13


Divisional Playoffs.

January 13


Assistant coaches under contract to playoff clubs that won their Wild Card games may be interviewed for head coaching positions through the conclusion of Divisional Playoff games.

January 15


Deadline for underclassmen to petition for special eligibility for the 2013 NFL Draft.

January 19


East-West Shrine Game, Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida.

January 20


AFC and NFC Championship Games.

January 24-25


Regional Combine, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

January 26


Senior Bowl, Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Mobile, Alabama.

January 27


AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii.

January 27


An assistant coach, whose team is participating in the Super Bowl, who has previously interviewed for another clubs head coaching job may have a second interview with such club no later than the Sunday preceding the Super Bowl.

February 2


Texas vs. Nation College All-Star Game, Eagle Stadium, Allen, Texas.

February 3


Super Bowl XLVII, Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana.

February 9-10


Regional Combine, Orange Coast College-Lebard Stadium, Los Angeles, California

February 16


Regional Combine, Methodist Training Center (Texans), Houston, Texas

February 17


Regional Combine, Cleveland Browns Training Facility, Cleveland, Ohio

February 20-26


Combine Timing and Testing, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.

March 2-3


Regional Combine, Atlantic Health Jets Training Facility, New York/New Jersey

March 9


Regional Combine, One Buccaneer Place, Tampa, Florida

March 10


Regional Combine, Halas Hall (Bears), Chicago, Illinois

March 9-11


Clubs are permitted to enter into contract negotiations with certified agents of players who will be Unrestricted Free Agents at the end of the current League Year.

March 12
Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, clubs must exercise options for 2013 on all players who have option clauses in their 2012 contracts.

March 12


Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, clubs must submit Qualifying Offers to their Restricted Free Agents with expiring contracts and to whom they desire to retain a Right of First Refusal/Compensation.

March 12


Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, clubs must submit a minimum salary offer to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with expiring 2012 contracts and who have fewer than three seasons of free agency credit.

March 12


All 2012 player contracts will expire at 4:00 p.m., New York time.

March 12


Top-51 Begins. All clubs must be under the Salary Cap prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time.

March 12


The 2013 League Year and Free Agency period begin at 4:00 p.m., New York time.

March 12


Trading period begins at 4:00 p.m., New York time, for 2013 after expiration of all 2012 contracts.

March 16-17


Regional Combine, Atlanta Falcons Training Facility, Atlanta, Georgia

March 17-20


Annual League Meeting, The Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona.

March 23-24


Regional Combine, Virginia Mason Athletic Center (Seahawks), Seattle, Washington

March 23-24


Regional Combine, Baltimore Ravens Training Facility, Baltimore, Maryland

April 7-8


Super Regional Combine, Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, Texas

April 25-27


NFL Draft, New York City, New York.

May 20-22


NFL Spring League Meeting, Hyatt-Harborside, Boston, Massachusetts.

September 5, 8-9


NFL Kickoff 2013