Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Early Enrollees and FFAs

This is just to keep track of everyone we have coming in December/Early January and those who have or have not signed Financial Aid Agreements. Remember, these guarantee recruits a scholarship come time to enroll and allow for unlimited face-to-face and other forms of contact but do not bind a recruit to a certain school.

These can be signed with multiple schools but only by someone deemed to be on track to enroll early. I will update this list as needed.
  • Lavon Pearson - Signed LOI
  • Jalen Hurd - Signed FAA
  • Daniel Helm - Signed FFA
  • Ethan Wolf - Signed FFA
  • D'Andre Payne
  • Coleman Thomas - Signed FFA
  • Emmanuel Moseley - Signed FFA
  • Neiko Creamer
  • Demarya Mixon
  • Ray Raulerson - Signed FFA
  • Dontavius Blair - Signed LOI
  • Jakob Johnson - Signed FFA
  • Owen Williams - Signed LOI
  • Joe Henderson
  • Josh Malone - Signed FAA

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