Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vols Continue Recruiting Coup

Josh Nunes became the latest addition to the 2009 recruiting class on Tuesday when he gave the Volunteers a verbal commitment. The Upland, California prospect is also the second QB in a week to commit to play for the Vols.

Fulmer was clearly looking to sign two quarterbacks in this class due to 2008 signee Casey Kelly opting to pursue a baseball career with the Boston Redsox.

The 6-foot-3 208 lb Nunes had offers from Florida, Nebraska, Arizona State, and Oklahoma among others. He is the 10th commitment for the Vols and is the 10th rated pro-style QB in the nation.

The Vols continue a trend of recruiting top-flight QB prospects to come to the University. Behind projected starter Jonathan Crompton, UT has Nick Stephens - the 15th best pro-style prospect in the '06 class, and BJ Coleman - a four star Rivals prospect and the 10th best QB in the '07 class.

Rick Clawson, the Vols new Offensive coordinator, must be foaming at the mouth at the wealth of talent at the position.

UT now turns it's attention to recruiting some top quality Defensive tackles - the most glaring need in the class.


Sports Fan said...

Pretty good pick up for your first Vol quarterback there Clawson.

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