Friday, September 7, 2012

Keys to the Georgia State game

#1 Pass rush lanes

We have to be more disciplined with our pass rush lanes. This is especially important when facing the dual threat QB and will be another big key to a victory over Florida next week. If we do this, we will limit or eliminate runs by the quarterback and put more pressure on the passer.

#2 Running between the tackles

We simply have to do more of it. Sweeps are fine mixed in with a basic run game, but you cannot make them the bread and butter of your run game. We were pretty effective when we did it against NC State especially with Marlin Lane. I would like to see more of it first, then we can talk about how to improve upon it. Run blocking has to continue to get better and I think it will.

#3 Defensive communication

I think this was a first game deal more than anything and we seemed to communicate much better in the second half. Prentiss Waggner said the first busted play was just a missed hand signal between he and Byron Moore. They worked it out on the sidelines and fixed the problem. It's good that those issues show up early so that you can get them corrected and get them behind you. I expect fewer big plays against Ga State from the first team defense.

#4 Get Cordarrelle more involved

He looked like our best offensive weapon Friday night, and getting him the ball in creative ways will be huge down the stretch. I don't expect to show all our wrinkles vs. Ga State, but getting CP involved however we can is important. He needs to get more precise with his routes for sure. Then he'll be open more frequently.

#5 No drops from Hunter

Hunter has never been one to drop passes and I think the rust from being away from the game showed a little bit against NC State. He needs to settle down and concentrate on the ball more. Being at home against a team we should out-talent easily is just what the doctor ordered. This is a good tune-up for the Florida game for him because you do not want those missed opportunities against a good Florida defense. We will need every one we can get.

#6 Sacks

Sure we got to the quarterback 12 times and that's great, but we need sacks from our linebackers and defensive ends. The ends got good pressure Friday but never really got to the quarterback. It would be good to see this improve this week and I think it can. 

#7 Stay healthy

I doubt we see much of Herman Lathers this game I think the coaches will closely monitor his playing time if he sees the field at all. Curt Maggitt is another who is banged up and will have to be monitored. We need both of those guys as close to 100% as we can get them for next weekend. No real way to go about preventing another injury but if we can get through the game with no real injuries that would be awesome. 

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