Saturday, September 22, 2007

Warriors Review//Preview

Golden State Warriors Preview/Review
By: Jeff K

After having not made the playoffs in 13 years, it finally happened for the Golden State Warriors. It all started when the Warriors signed Don Nelson which delighted all Warriors fans because their old coach was coming back. This was great news for the Warriors, but bad news for other teams. Everybody knew that Don Nelson was one of the best coaches ever and he was now returning to the Warriors. Don Nelson, also known as Nellie, signed with the Warriors hoping that his style of offense would be a better fit for them. Nellie runs a Suns-like type of offense which has been successful for teams in the past and the Warriors’ players were excited that they would be running this offense instead of the half court offense they usually run.

There is so much to talk about here for the Warriors and their great season. The Warriors struggled in the beginning of the year, which had many Warriors fans thinking not this again, we have waited so long and we will have to wait again. The Warriors led by Baron Davis and the front office had different ideas though. In January, the Warriors and the Indiana Pacers announced that a trade had been made. The Warriors sent Keith McLeod, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, and Ike Diogu to the Pacers.In return, the Pacers sent Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Sarunas Jasikevicius, and Josh Powell. This was a great trade for the Warriors. They filled in the big pieces that they needed and now their team looked even more complete.

After the trade was completed, was when it really started for the Warriors though. Fans started to think believe that this could finally be the year for the Warriors. The Warriors became a better team and they had some confidence, which as you all know, helps out a young team. The Warriors, one of the youngest teams in the league was playing like they were veterans with a few exceptions of some stupid mistakes that showed how young the team really was. The Warriors and their leader Baron Davis were on top of the world in their minds, thinking about the playoffs.

Playoffs being right around the corner, the Warriors still found themselves fighting for a playoffs spot. It became clear to the Warriors that they were the ones who believed that they could get that last playoff spot and that they deserved it. With just a few games left until the season was over, the Warriors needed to win every game if they wanted to reach the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

In Portland, the Warriors were playing the Trail Blazers. This game was a must win for the Warriors if they wanted to make the playoffs. Thousands and thousands of fans in Aurco Arena waited to see if their beloved team would finally make it. It finally happened when the Warriors beat the Trail Blazers and the Warriors broke the curse and were in the playoffs!!!

The Warriors had the eighth seed, but who cares, they had finally made the playoffs. For the first time in 13 years, the Warriors were going to be playing more than 82 games. But guess who is first up for the Warriors. Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. Though the Warriors have had some great success against the Mavericks this year and in the past years, Dallas was going to be a hard team to beat.

The series started in Dallas, where the Warriors had high hopes. The Warriors came out winning Game One and at the same time, gained interest from other people and band wagoners as well. The Warriors became a fan favorite, and were watched all over the world.

When the series came back to Golden State, the Warriors proved that they aren’t just going to win one game and go home. The Warriors ended up winning the series, and moved on to play the Utah Jazz in the second round. This was a rough series for the Warriors though. They got ran over in a very quick series.

The Warriors are still a surprise team to everyone. A young team improving every day.

Recently, the Warriors traded Jason Richardson for Rookie Brandan Wright.

Watch out for the playoffs this coming year, they are going to keep getting stronger and stronger as the youth becomes older and learns more.


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