Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 3 SEC Power Rankings

1. LSU TIGERS (same)
The Tigers' dominating victory over MSU to start the season was backed up on Saturday when the Virginia Tech Hokies payed them a visit in Baton Rouge. LSU sent them back to Blacksburg with their tails between their legs. Looking at their schedule, I am liking more and more my preseason prediction of an undefeated year. Flynn has an ankle sprain, but will likely play Saturday vs. MTSU. If, not they have a talented backup in Ryan Perrilloux who can get the job done.
Next opponent: MTSU

2. FLORIDA (same)
Florida hasn't really beaten anyone good to deserve this spot, but that will likely change on Saturday when they take on the Vols in the swamp. The defense will need to play better, but the offense is destined to score points on a weak Tennessee secondary. WR Andre Caldwell sprained his right knee against Troy and could miss multiple games and will almost definitely miss Saturday, but the Gators have 20 other receivers ready to step in and fill the void. Return man Brandon James will play despite spraining his ankle.
Next opponent: No. 22 Tennessee

Star receiver Marcus Monk and starting tight end Ben Cleveland will not play against Alabama. But defensive end Marcus Harrison, arrested last month for possession of Ecstasy and marijuana, will play after sitting out one game. Running back Darren McFadden is an early Heisman candidate and will be utilized heavily. If the Razorbacks can run the ball consistently against Bama, and there's no reason to believe they won't, they should roll over the Tide.Next opponent: Alabama

Steve Spurrier is not ready to anoint his team as an SEC title contender after last Saturday's upset, citing dropped passes by Georgia as a reason the Gamecocks got lucky. "We really need to play a lot better than we did if we're going to have a chance for a big year," Spurrier said. "We can't rely on a lot of good luck, a lot of good fortune that happened for us." A win on the road against a ranked SEC team is always a tough thing to accomplish, so the Cocks move up this week.
Next opponent: South Carolina State

5. TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS (same)The Vols stay put at 5 after taking care of business against Southern Miss at home. The Vols will have to play much better if they are to expect a win in the Swamp. Cornerback Antonio Gaines suffered a season-ending injury to his knee in the affair, and he will be replaced by ultra-talented Freshman Eric Berry.
Next opponent: No. 5 Florida

They should move up next week after cruising to a win over Western Carolina, but they are 0-1 in SEC play right now after dropping one to the visiting Gamecocks.
Next opponent: Western Carolina

7. ALABAMA (-1)
The Tide face off against Arkansas this Saturday for their second SEC match-up in as many weeks and will face the best running attack they will see this year. Arkansas should take care of business and knock Bama down a few spots, but coming off of a semi-impressive win against Vandy in Nashville, they sit 7th.
Next opponent: No. 16 Arkansas

QB Andre Woodson has lived up to the billing so far this year, but his first real test is coming up this week when the teams biggest rival, Louisville comes to Lexington. Billboards promoting Kentucky football are all around the Louisville campus, only adding more intensity to the in-state rivalry.
Next Opponent: No. 9 Louisville

Brandon Cox has lost some of his brilliance it would seem. Auburn dropped last weeks game against ACC rug mat South Florida in a game that was difficult to watch as both offenses made mistake after mistake. Cox has got to play better if Auburn is to have any hope of salvaging a respectable SEC finish. If they lose to Mississippi State this weekend, expect wholesale changes.
Next opponent: Mississippi State

The offense, thanks to quarterback Seth Adams, is no longer the SEC's worst. Now it's the defense. Ole Miss ranks last in the SEC in total defense (507.5 yards per game) and pass defense (336.5). Coach Ed Orgeron said new defensive coordinator John Thompson doesn't deserve all the blame. "I'm involved in all the game planning of the defense," Orgeron said. "I have to share and take most of the fault for that." That's right Coach "O" you need to fire yourself.
Next opponent: Vanderbilt

Quarterback Chris Nickson, who injured his hamstring against Alabama last Saturday, is questionable to play in the Ole Miss game. Mackenzi Adams would start if Nickson can't play. The Commodores looked anything but impressive on offense as they struggled to put up points against a young Alabama defense. They had aspirations of a BCS bowl prior to the season. Now, lets just hope they get an SEC win.
Next Opponent: Ole Miss

A sociology professor at Mississippi State made a joke last week about quarterback Michael Henig's six-interceptions against LSU. One member of the 200-person class didn't laugh. Apparantly the professor didn't realize Henig was in the class. The two spoke, according to Henig, and the professor apologized. When asked what was said when they spoke Henig replied " He said he didn’t realize I was in the classroom. And I said regardless of whether I was in the classroom or not, you don’t go around saying stuff about somebody, and second of all, if you're going to say it, you know, come say it to me. Don’t say it in front of 200 people in an auditorium."
Next opponent: Auburn


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