Thursday, September 6, 2007

Week 2 SEC Power Rankings

I will be doing this each week after all games are played. Rankings are based on team performance not potential, and not necessarily on wins and losses. I call it like I see it.

1. LSU - they are going to have to lose a game to get knocked off this perch. Flynn looked good albeit against a weak MSU secondary.

2a. Florida - I really don't think I can put either team over the other based soley off of last weeks games. So I have UGA and UF tied. Tebow looked the part of an SEC quarterback. Of course it wasn't against an SEC team. Florida's defense looked suspect. Especially the secondary.

2b. Georgia - Stafford should improve dramatically over last year and he put up good numbers against an OSU team that many were picking for an upset.

4. Arkansas - Based solely on McFadden carrying this team on his back. I foresee them dropping in the near future.

5. Tennessee - Lost to a good Cal team and figure to win big this week with a retooled defense. Whether they win the UF game or not will go a long way toward determining what this team is made of. The offense is capable, the defense is better than they played vs. Cal.

6. Alabama - Decent win over a weak team. Really didn't give us much in the way of determining what kind of a team they are going to be. Especially on defense which is a weakness.

7. South Carolina - This team is probably better than a 7th ranking, but didn't play well last week. Blake Mitchell should add some familiarity to the offense and hopefully some consistency. An upset of UGA this weekend would catapult them into the top 5.

8. Kentucky - Andre Woodson showed no reason he should not be considered the top quarterback in the SEC last week. I just don't think he can continue to perform as well as he has against a much better SEC division. UGA is not going to lay over for them as they did last year.

9. Auburn - Cox is going to have to be good for this team to be good this year. Last week, he wasn't and Auburn was lucky to pull out a win.

10.Vandy - A win over Bama and this team would earn the respect that they believe they deserve. With the game in Nashville it is a real possibility. I still think Bama wins, but Vandy has the best receiver in the SEC IMO in Bennett and a not-too-shabby dual-threat quarterback taking snaps this year.

11. Ole Miss - They could more easily move up than anyone on this list. Benjarvis Green-Ellis is one of the leagues top 4 or 5 backs and needs to be more of a featured part of the Rebel's offense. QB Brent Schaeffer has one last chance to live up to the hype surrounding his joining the Ole Miss program. Thus far he has been an average quarterback and unfortunately, with the defense the Rebels have, he is going to have to be better-than-average.

12. Miss. State - No explanation needed.

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