Thursday, August 30, 2007

College Football is Finally Here


Yes, loyal readers, I awoke to the same smell you did. I sat straight up in my bed (still wearing last evening's attire. Whoa what a night) and the air had a familiar aroma. Then I remembered....It's friggin' college football time!

Tonight, the No. 2 LSU Tigers travel to Starkville to face the unranked Mississippi State Bulldogs.

It's likely to not be a very close game, but it is the first SEC match-up of the year. We will finally see what these LSU fans have been clamoring about regarding Matt Flynn and be able to judge for ourselves whether or not he is the "real deal". Granted this aint Florida, but it is an SEC team and anything can happen.

It is time for tailgating, vulgar displays of beer drinking, beautiful southern college girls, and last but not least, royal ass whippings handed to your most hated rival. (one can hope, right?)

So pick up that 12 pack of your favorite choice beverage, call in a pizza on your way home from work. And tune in to ESPN tonight at 8:00 Eastern Time to see some SEC action.

Thank god it's finally football time.

Sab's prediction:

This one won't be as close as the final score will dictate. Expect MSU to come strong out of the gate, but succumb eventually to the superior talent of the Tigers.

Final Score: 34 -10

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