Monday, August 13, 2007

Vince Young Comes Clean

Titan's fans from all over tuned in on Saturday evening to see their team get a win over the Redskins in the preseason opener, and to get a glimpse of star quarterback and Madden coverboy Vince Young. They were disappointed in both regards.

Head Coach Jeff Fisher suspended Young from the game for violation of a team rule and the Titans dropped the game at L.P. Field 14-6. "I made a decision to not allow Vince to play in the ball game for violating a team rule, period. End of story,'' Fisher said. "He will be back practicing Monday with his teammates. He is our starting quarterback and we like him. He is going to be a good quarterback. … I am done talking about it.''

Saturday night saw Vince sidelined, covering his face with a towel on occasion and refusing to talk to reporters about the incident. What team rule was broken remained unknown. Until today.

Team rules require a player with less than 4 years on the squad to stay at a hotel near the stadium the night before a game. Vince chose to ignore that rule and drove home to sleep.

“I apologize to my teammates, coaches, fans and everybody,’’ Young said. “I really feel like I am not a bad guy, but I made a bad decision to try to go home and get some rest in my own bed.

The Titan's quarterback was made example to the team in hopes that the 2007 season can be one without incident.

"I broke the rules, I can’t play. You have to go by the rules,’’ Young said. “It happens, I was the one that got singled out and being one of the leaders I can’t do that

Young will resume his role as starting quarterback in Friday's preseason game in New England.

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