Friday, August 10, 2007

A prime example of why SEC fans think all Bama fans are delusional

BamaPerry. He has been banned on the open forum at so many times that he has run out of incarnations of BP and is now calling himself simply "Tron". Okay that last part was made up, but the guy has had no less than 10 different user names. Here are some of the posts on SECTalk that he has made just recently. I will let them speak for themselves.

Miles & LSU best watch out for MSU, as Shula & Bama and Zook & UF can attest to! :)

OL will be LSUs downfall.

OL will be da barns downfall too.

Auburn is sliding downward, Ole Miss is sliding upward.

USF & KSU are both capable of beating da barn.

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It appears to me that some amazing things are happening at many schools. Are there some schools in the SEC that are on the decline?

LSU, Ag Ewe, 10RC

expect an 8-5 type of season for UTk

Losing Russell & Fisher will hurt LSU a LOT more than their fans think

I'm never wrong! LSU will have a nice year at 9-3 or 8-4.
they will lose to VT, Bama, and to either one or both USC & UF.

No way in hell Arky finishes in the Top 25
No way in hell Allbarn wins more than 7 games this year

Well, if you go by recruiting rankings, Bama is MUCH more likely to contend than Arky.

Oh, and one of my personal favorites:

Bama will win the SEC this year.

I actually have this guy on "ignore" so I don't have to listen to his dribble, but every now and then I poke my head in to make sure that all is right with the world and BP is still as delusional as ever.


CrimsonNation713 said...

Instead of just bashing Bama , do the whole SEC and it might be interesting. Every team has their idiots and when Saban gets us turned around ( theres nothing delusional about that statement ) its gonna get alot uglier because of all the grief we've be catching these last several years. By the way you need to do an up close about SOJ if we're gonna talk nuts.

Sabanocchio said...

Didn't you see my UGA article, or the USC one? Doubtless about SOJ. But at least SOJ wasn't delusional. i don't plan on just bashing Bama. I just have a venue to say what I want to say and BamaPerry is a moron. I guess he could just as easily been a Georgia fan. But he isn't. Perhaps I'll do a Grady one next. None of this is meant to offend any one and if it does it's unintentional.

Sabanocchio said...

And I've never accused you of being delusional. Only attempting to explain why the impression is there.

fernandomike said...

Actually, I go down to T-Town and the overwhelming majority of their fans are kind and graciousquite often when we play the Tide. Of course, I've never run into BamaPerry there and I acknowledge that doing so might change my perception considerably.
I do agree that Tide fans do seem a little too rosy with their predictions from year-to-year since they typically expect to be the surprise team. I guess that comes with a "traditional" of winning. I believe I've heard them use that word a time or two.

timNem said...

I have a habit of analyzing everything and I believe once you wipe away all the BS and get to the root of how Bama and its fans are perceived around the league spawns from Bama's past dominance. There is a good bit of envy associated with fans who hate Bama before the pull for their own team. What else could it be? I really don't care much for Paul Finebaum but I do listen to his show some when I'm working. 99.9% of the time when an AUburn fan calls in, all they talk about is Alabama, they never mention anything about their team. Why is that?

CrimsonNation713 said...

I know you good enough Nocchio to know you weren't talking about me. And no I didn't see the other articles. And yes some can be a bit over the top. That I agree with 100%.SOJ is delusional. About life and everything. Hes in another little world.

Sabanocchio said...

I have that same habit, Tim...some would say it's a curse. And you're theory is a popular one. But we live in a "what have you done lately?" world and while tradition has much to do with Bama fan's arrogance and delusion, it has little to do with the perception of their fans. That perception has more to do with the fact that for every SOJ, and Grady of the world, Bama has 5 more delusional and fanatic followers. BamaNate, BamafaninKY, and to a lesser degree the two newer Bama fans from the other board don't remember their names, just on SECTalk alone. Living in Middle Tennessee and frequenting the bars in and around Nashville, you would not believe how many Bama fans that I run into. And while most are sane, logical, resonable, and polite, I meet more uneducated, crazy Alabama fans than any other school. Thus the perception as far as myself goes.

I really enjoy talking football with guys like you tow, Shk, Wally. People that understand where they have been lately and what it will take to get back, and that nothing, not even a 4 million dollar/year coach, guarantees success.

timNem said...

The only fans that are talking about Bama's past and present are fans from other teams. A FEW may have a higher outlook but its an opinion just like anyone else has. Heck, they may be right in the end. Just because everyone doesn't agree with one's opinion doesn't make them delusional. The one thing you can say about Bama fans that is absolute truth is that we are not BandWagon riders. We stil show up for games even in the 3-8 seasons.

I live 5 minutes from the Tennessee state line and I have been working in Phil Fulmer's home town at least three days a week for the past three years. I interview and meet new people everyday that I'm there. I can promise you that there are some unique people in your state. I'm pretty sure it has alot to do with TennCare before it went bankrupt. I have never seen so many over-medicated people in my life lol.