Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camp Update 8/7

Some folks were alarmed who were witness to practice today that a couple of key figures were MIA, one Da'Rick Rogers and the other Eric Gordon. Dooley set those fears to rest early in his afternoon press conference, explaining the absence.

"Yeah, Da'rick's in class and Eric Gordon is in class. This is the last day of summer school."

On the injury front Devante Borque has a neck issue. Dooley quipped that he thought it was whiplash. "I'm not a doctor," he said "He's doing this (moves his head side to side) He wasn't in a car wreck, but he got hit."

Mychal Rivera, tweaked his knee "It's nothing serious," Dooley said "But he'll be out about a week or so.

That opened the door for Joseph Ayres to move to TE where he is wearing the 88 vacated by Cam Clear's self-inflicted exit.

 "I think he can give us a little value especially as a bigger, physical guy to help us block." Dooley said.

Tyler Bray's maturation over the time and trials he's faced continues to come up. He was asked
how he's different now from last year at this time. '20 pounds and a haircut,' he replied.

Dooley was made aware of the statement.

"I think that's understating it,. The experience of just going through it the understanding of expectation the maturity from that standpoint. He still is Tyler Bray. He still does the same things on the field. I just feel he's a lot more engaged in what he's doing and that comes from experience."

Dooley says about 80% or so of the defense is installed, but the players have 0% of comfort doing it.

One player seemingly doing it well is Darrington Sentimore who says he has shed about 10 lbs and is at 280. That's good size for a 3-4 DE where he is getting first team reps ahead of Steven Fowlkes who had the head coach praising him today for his effort. 

Well he's matured a lot over the last year. To his credit he responded the right way i tell you the most telling thing about Steven Fowlkes is watching him every day in practice last year. He was unbelievable his effort his attitude and he was on scout team and really couldn't play and he was the best scout team player we had."

Fowlkes is a 6-5, 265 former wide receiver. Never contributed. Now is a beast at DE. Even Tiny said Fowlkes just runs around him sometimes, and there's nothing he can do. He's really responded to Sunseri. He's a 5th year senior who would have seen the field last year had he not been ruled academically ineligible.

Dooley also praised AJ Johnson and Curt Maggitt's leadership abilities as well as Herman Lathers. 

"We have three guys who are talented and have a lot of leadership skills." He said.

Tyler Bray had a nice quip when he was asked, "Everybody started lobbying for balls or how does that work?""

"Uh there's a payment process going on. It's five bucks a ball and touchdowns are ten."

Tyler also said Cordarrelle Patterson is pretty much a starter already. 

"Between the three of them we should have a very good season." 

He says the guys are listening to him a little more and are working a lot harder than they have, mainly speaking on the offensive line. 

"It's getting to the point to where they don't even need to say anything I already know what they are doing. Coach will yell at them because they're not talking but they know what they got. They already know what the other person's going to do."

 When talking about the running back rotation he said it's helpful to have 3 guys returning with experience. 

"They all do three different things and they all do them well."

At the end of Dooley's press conference he was asked about Willie Bohannon who he had a lot of praise for.

"Willie's one of those dependable guys. You can put in at either outside backer and Knows what the deal is and always gives effort and toughness. You can count on him."

Que Watson, Marlin Lane, Devrin Young, and Cordarrelle Patterson all worked at kick return.

Ben Bartholomew has been fully integrated as a tight end as well as continuing his duties as a fullback.

The Vols head to Milligan College on Friday to practice there. They have field turf there which most simulates the turf inside the Georgia Dome where the Vols open up the season against NC State.

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