Sunday, August 19, 2012

Notes from Titans Practice 08/19/2012

Greetings from the final open practice of the 2012 Titans training camp. Its been fun and I have met a ton of people this year who have been very supportive of me and the blog. Today is a snapshot of what you can expect from the next two preseason games and that is all about the roster.

Guys who are fighting to make the roster got a lot of reps today and that was good to see. You can expect more of the same from the next two preseason games. Munchak has indicated he is going to play starters later but I would be willing to bet you will see some rotation from guys the team is looking at. Add to that an emphasis on who is going to be starting at key positions and you see why devoted fans are so heavily into the preseason.


Really, there is heavy competition just about everywhere. This may be overall the most talented group of athletes the Titans have had in training camp in recent memory. Picking the back end of the roster is going to be incredibly difficult. Add to that the competition at some positions and you see why the powers that be will be losing sleep in the nights to come.

One group where there is a ton of competition is at running back. This is a great group and outside of Chris Johnson there is not a whole lot that separates them. One of the tougher decisions the coaching staff and front office will make will be made at this position.

We are also loaded at cornerback. There are some tough decisions to make particularly between Ryan Mouton and Coty Sensabaugh. I am a big fan of Ryan Mouton but this is a crucial year for him. Has he done enough to separate him from rookie Coty Sensabaugh? Tommie Campbell seems a lock to make the roster.

The competition at tight end is tough too. Taylor Thompson, Cam Graham, Brandon Barden, and Joey Haynos are batting for the 3 spot. In my opinion Taylor Thompson has that spot locked up but that could cetainly change. Joey Haynos is an interesting guy. If he doesn't make our roster I hope he gets a shot somewhere. 

The offensive line is an area  to watch, especially the back end. Roos is strugging a bit, David Stewart and Fernando Velasco had good games Friday night against the Buccaneers. I have written about Byron Stingley and after watching him in practice today I still think he is a guy to keep an eye on.

Finally, I have tossed around in my head who I think will have a break out year and I am comfortable setting on Alterraun Verner. I was really impressed with his rookie performance and he waited patiently and learned last year while he was in rotation. He is the starter now and it is time for him to shine and I fully expect him to do just that. The guy has is smart, is an instinctive player, and looks poised to make a huge impact.

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