Saturday, August 18, 2012

This just in: Jake Locker is still good

Yes, he had a bad night last night. Yes, the numbers are bad. No, I’m not goong to repeat them here because they are bad, it is preseason and I don’t think the numbers completely reflect the reality. Why do you say? Well, let’s talk about it.

First, let’s just say there was some bad decision making by the second year quarterback. Let’s also not forget he was making his first NFL start too. It is particularly important for a young quarterback to get support from his surrounding cast and when there are breakdowns in protection, wrong routes by his receivers and dropped passes it makes his job harder and his performance look worse. Yet, those things are bound to happen in the preseason when offenses are meshing and trying to get the kinks out.

I said last night Locker should start the next game and after reviewing is performance last night I am even more convinced he should. On second review, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. There were some really plays too particularly when Locker read the field and decided to use his legs. 

So, let’s give the guy a chance, let him start the August 3 game against the Cardinals  and see how he does. I am willing to bet he will be better and will show everyone what we saw in the Seahawks game and in training camp.

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