Thursday, August 16, 2012

Would the Titans Cut Kenny Britt?

Probably not. Is it completely out of the question? I don’t think so. Britt is still under contract with the Titans for two more years with base salaries of $755,000.00 in 2012 and $1,347,500 in 2013.  There may also be incentives but still it is relatively cheap to keep the troubled wide receiver on the roster and Munchak has indicated that the plan. As with anything however, plans can change.

Britt’s troubles have been well documented and he is currently waiting to hear from Commissioner Roger Goodell on what punishment he will receive for the latest incident. Britt was arrested for a DUI on July 20, 2012 at Ft. Campbell. He met with Goodell on August 6, 2012. On August 8, he was fined by the Titans for failing to attend a meeting and took to Instagram to voice his displeasure. 

While the Titans and Britt wait on Goodell’s ruling, he continues to rehab and other wide receivers continue to work with the team and make an impression. Nobody can deny Britt’s talent, but he is certainly facing at least a 4 game suspension and fine. He has shown a remarkable ability to make bad decisions.

It also remains to be seen how well he recovers from multiple knee surgeries. He tore  his ACL in his right knee on September 25, 2011. He had reconstructive surgery on his right knee in October of 2011 and then required a follow up clean up procedure in May of 2012. He had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in late June or early July of 2012 following the team’s minicamp.

Britt is scheduled to return and appear in the final preseason game against New Orleans on August 30. He started catching passes on Wednesday, August 15. If that timeline is accurate, it will be interesting to see how well he performs. The first roster cuts are due on August 28 when teams must get to 80 players. By August 31, they must be at the roster maximum of 53.

Munchak has indicated he does not want to put Britt on in season PUP. Once Goodell issues his decision and there is a suspension, which is likely, he will go on the suspended list and not count against the roster. 

The Titans have a very tough schedule this year and the first 5 games are with the Patriots, Chargers, Lions, and Texans. They then travel to Minnesota to play the Vikings and return back home the next week to play the Steelers. 

Given the looming suspension, it makes sense for Munchak to decline to put Britt on regular season PUP. If Britt returns to a semblance of what we saw in 2011, it makes sense economically and with other factors to keep Britt on the roster. 

Baring another incident, it certainly appears Britt will remain on the roster for 2012. He will then enter the last year of his rookie deal so 2012 is a big year for him no matter how you spin it.

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