Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is Timing Really Everything?

Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee and from Titans practice today. It was another light practice with not a whole lot to talk about so instead I'm going to focus on the quarterback battle between Matt Hasselback and Jake Locker.

Unless you've been living under a rock you know the Titans QB job is a close competition between Hasselback and Locker. So far Matt Hasselback seems to be the favorite. I personally think Locker has had the better camp; however, it's been close so therefore i won't quibble too much over the choice. My point is that at some point a choice must be made and the timing of that choice is the subject of this blog.

Regardless of who he chooses at some point Munchak has to make a choice. The sooner the better in my opinion. Munchak recently announced Hasselback would start the first preseason game with Locker running the second team offense. I actually have no issue with that plan. What he does with that with regard to the quarterback situation will be scrutinized greatly and rightfully so.

Frankly, its hard to believe Munchak doesn't know what he has in both quarterbacks. He can't really go wrong with either at this point since the competition is close but making a decision does matter. Let's face it whoever runs the offense, i.e. the quarterback, is the leader. The starting quarterback should start to get more repetitions with his first string offense in order to establish timing and chemistry. The longer the decision lingers the less opportunity there is for that to happen.

Either Locker is ready or he's not. If he's not let establish Hasselback as the starter and let him run the show. If Locker is ready really why do you wait? There is no good reason to put it off and he needs to be installed as the starter. I'm certainly not suggesting the uncertainty is causing an issue, at least not from all appearances, but the decision must be made. Make up your mind and roll with it Mike.

Other Notes:

Let's talk about Taylor Thompson. He is a TE listed at 6' 6" on the roster that many thought would be used as a defensive end when he was drafted in April. Personally, I'm glad he is being evaluated at the tight end position. That guy is a beast and has made many fine plays. He has soft hands and is more elusive than he looks. He is a guy to watch and I certainly hope he makes the roster.

Not much else to report and oh look! Thursday Night Football! More to come later. Hope you stay tuned in!

Oh and shoes!!

Courtesy of defensive back Ryan Mouton. I would totally wear these.

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